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For scientific and technical conferences, Sky Village has some of the best facilities in South Eastern Europe.

  • 60+ in a generous and spacious ‘cabaret style’ configuration

  • 120 seated theatre-style with ample legroom

  • 80 laid out for dinner with minimal stage area

Research Centre


Our purpose-built research centre features a full-fledged 120-seat auditorium with the latest audio-visual technology, smart lighting and comfortable stadium-style lecture theatre seats.

Visitor Centre


Right at the heart of Sky Village, and accessible directly from the roadway entrance, our Visitor centre features a spacious restaurant/bar and a large multipurpose hall.  The two rooms can be united by the removal of an acoustic partition, or used separately. 



The very raison d’etre of Sky Village is its incredible observatory houses, all of which are available for use by conference delegates when pre-booked. 

Getting to Sky Village


Sky Village is situated in the heart of rural Bulgaria, close to the towns of Dryanovo and Gabrovo.  It is approximately three hours’ drive from Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, which is the arrival point for most scheduled flights. 

For more information on our excellent conference facilities, please contact us.

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