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Visiting Sky Village

Sky Village opens in early 2017.  From that date, it will be open to both the founding partners who have invested in the individual houses, and the public.


Each house and apartment is available to rent for at least 26 weeks of the year for those wishing to visit Sky Village for a holiday, weekend break, conference, course or just for a few days of serious astronomy.


Sky Village BG takes care of everything on behalf of our founding partners - each house is cleaned and serviced by our dedicated on-site staff,

and as a guest, your every need is catered for - quite literally in the case of our 24-hour restaurant.


Bookings will be accepted from Summer 2016.

Sky Village is situated in the heart of rural Bulgaria, close to the towns of Dryanovo and Gabrovo.  


It is approximately three hours’ drive from Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia, which is the arrival point for most scheduled flights from UK and EU airports.  


For larger conferences, we can arrange competitive charter flights direct to the nearby Gorna Oryahovitsa Airport.  


Whichever you choose, transfers to Sky Village are included in your conference package.  


Additional excursions to nearby attractions including Bulgaria’s medieval capital, Veliko Tarnovo, can be arranged on request.

For more information about making travel arrangements to Sky Village, please contact us.

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