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Eating Acai

"Students should have access to food and beverages throughout the school day."

Modern Office

"Most institutions do not teach

what should be the centrepiece of a 

contemporary education: entrepreneurship."

Student Behind the Books

"Stuck doing boring, repetitive tasks and regurgitating information that they are forced to memorise, it's no wonder that many otherwise brilliant minds are put in

a straitjacket in school."

Students Between Classes

"Just 5 minutes of green exercise can produce rapid improvements in mental well-being and self-esteem,

with the greatest benefits experienced by the young."

Learning in the 22nd Century

Founded in 1999, a 100-year plan (phase 1) to transition to learning for the future in a global learning community, was started.


A 30-year plan (phases 2 and 3) is already mapped out. Both of these phases are 15-year cycles (2022-2035 and 2036 -2051).


You are invited to be a leader at the forefront of Learning in the 22nd century


In January 2021 independent schools across the globe will be invited to engage with and become part of a connected global learning programme. This is founded on shaping new horizons for creative learners, establishing different learning spaces from where inspired and engaged learners will emerge, and connecting to likeminded others. 


For those who recognise the need to ‘flex’ their existing model to become education leaders of tomorrow, they will benefit from commercial incomes never previously associated with education, whilst providing learning opportunities most suited to their learners.  


Hospitality, Tourism and Education: What are the links? 


These new centres of learning will both compliment and supplement traditional systems.

The local and global connectivity between the centres, based on common purposes and vision, will build stability and continuity for the new era of learning that restricts no-one and includes everyone. Such centres will prosper and bring rewards for all stakeholders. 


The first 21 years of the plan has focussed on the changes that were needed in the hospitality industry. Our vision is to create Sustainable Life Centres that will enhance learning experiences for children, students, lifelong learners and their families. The centres will enable them to engage with local cultures and communities, understanding and connecting with real life issues. 


One plan is to locate a centre within a hotel complex to enable tourists and locals to learn together so that the centres are embedded in the culture and values of the region. The first of these Sustainable Life Centres has already been created and is poised to be replicated across 70 countries in the next 7 years, working with the largest hotel and hospitality brand in the world. Another option is to create a facility in your school grounds, that will serve as a hub for your community which can be connected to hubs nationally and internationally.


The curriculum of these centres will reflect the interests and needs of the learners, facilitated by expert staff – expert in their knowledge and expert in encouraging and guiding learning. The curriculum will reflect the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals and key areas of lifelong learning, addressing the present and future needs both the individual and of society.



Our School is a leader in the educational world of tomorrow.


Your school can apply to become an important founding partner of Sustainable Life Centres and you are invited to become one of its leaders. Pioneering change, you will become a leader in the transition towards a ‘fit for purpose’, customer-driven, future-oriented community and society. 


Sustainable Life Centres will become a global brand, positioned both outside and alongside the traditional education system. 

The global ‘brand’ will establish itself locally, regionally and nationally through partnership with existing traditional schools. These new centres will both compliment and supplement existing school practices.


The centre’s curricula, new creative foundations, new teaching methods and new policies will be established with you. It will attract a range of stakeholders: parents, pupils, commercial enterprise, sponsorship and funding/investment.

The journey to become a centre is both and creative, enabling you to become the educator you wish to be.


Sustainable, enjoyable, prosperous and valued by all who dare to participate… are you up for the challenge and want to know more?

For more information on Learning in the 22nd Century,

please contact us.

"The World where high school graduates

could expect employment in decent-paying factory jobs does not exist anymore.

The imperative to retool schools

has never been greater."

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

"Real and lasting change often begins with small-scale innovations that can operate within the bounds of education as we know it."


We are delighted to be sharing insights, visions and business intelligence to all readers of Independent School Management plus. 


Education across the world is embracing changes never previously experienced.

The collision of commercial, political, emotional, ethical, spiritual economical and ecological issues has shifted the goalposts and created a new game.


Our objectives are to:

Raise questions that challenge the status quo.

Consider new thinking on the future of education.

Share visions and discoveries from across the globe.

Bring solutions and answers that reshape your school.

Introduce new and exciting revenue streams.

Engage you with these exciting opportunities to be the educators you wish to be.



The subjects we will address in short articles over the coming months will include the following:

1.   Interdependence for students in a local / global world.

2.   Exploring the UN 17 sustainable development goals where education can and must

      deliver for the good of the future. 

       UN 17 sustainable goals (2015) -

3.   Interconnecting learning with the changing world of local community sustainability.

       Jobs of tomorrow: Mapping opportunity in the new economy (2020) -     

4.   Developing mental and physical good health in new learning communities. 

5.   Designing your learning spaces that addresses every learner’s needs, underpinned by

      research and global innovation.

6.   Modelling for the next ten years, including creating new revenue streams driven by

      parental demands.

7.   Linking Education and Tourism.

8.   Considering the pedagogy required over the next 15 years.

9.   What happens during this transition to Education 4.0? What are the links between new

      learning and current structures and systems in education?

       World Economic Forum Education 4.0 Report (2019) -    

10. Exploring Ethics in education - Ethical underpinning of decision making in an educational




Click for full article, questions and discussion points


Coming soon

Interdependence for students in a local/global world


Exploring the UN 17 sustainable development goals


Interconnecting learning with the changing world of local community sustainability


Developing mental and physical good health in new learning communities


Designing your learning spaces that addresses every learner’s needs


Modelling for the next ten years including; Long term vision - Detailed future plans


Considering the pedagogy required over the next 15 years


Linking Education and Tourism


Education 4.0?

Links between new learning and current structures


Exploring Ethics in education - Ethical underpinning of decision making in an educational setting

For more information on Learning in the 22nd Century,

please contact us.

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