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Our Team

WHY we do what we do....



In everything we do we believe in thinking differently. We believe in creating a sustainable 

'New Generation' of rural engagement and economic business models for landowners.


The way we do this is by embedding respect and value for the countryside into every project.


We design and build spaces and venues supported by business models and marketing strategies, created to be easy

to understand and used whilst being 'countryside respectful' and providing prosperous legacies.


What we create are buildings, venues, complexes, resorts or villages who's sole purpose is to respectfully re-introduce

people back to the countryside.


Everything we do is designed with a PURPOSE, to provide economic PROSPERITY for PERPETUITY.


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David Hollands


David is a visionary and entrepreneur specialising in creating sustainable, purposeful rural communities.

He brings vast experience to Above & Beyond Normal and his previous award-winning developments stand as proof of his ability to turn vision into reality.

Chris Paget

Chris has a wealth of wisdom  from over a decade of experience in the international property market spanning the late 80’s and 90’s. Venturing in the new millennium into pioneering public internet solutions in Healthcare and Education in the UK has given Chris a keen eye in ‘seeing’ the future trends whilst adapting his honed skills towards excellent customer communication, investment and commercial operations of the ABNL village community projects.

Neil Philipson

Technical Founder


Neil has a broad experience in technical development covering eco-building design, astronomy, database development, optics and microelectronics. With a focus on increasing business value through intelligent application of technology, process management & communications in all ABNL projects. Neil, a physicist and astronomer has observatory design & build, tech project development, astronomy & space science education at his core. Neil is also an experienced and engaging speaker.

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Everything we do is designed with a PURPOSE, to provide economic PROSPERITY for PERPETUITY.


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