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Settlement Support Villages

The core concept centred around affordable housing balanced with rural business enterprise we believe would naturally thrive at any location. 

An overview of requirements from the authorities confirming facilities and services that would provide solutions across many existing local settlement communities who are in need of essential services and facilities.


The practical ways in which a project could be created, designed, constructed and operated would be by maintaining and using the existing layouts, structures features and infrastructure of a proposed land plots / site. 


A financial structure and modelling of the community enterprise would enable the rural regeneration project to operate and function sustainably around a balance of all seven key ‘pillars of community’ whilst retaining land ownership, property ownership that meets the diverse and growing needs of the existing and future residents of the community embracing Economic, Social, Environmental and Educational needs. 


Business - Rural Enterprise

Affordable Housing - Connectivity

Rural Regeneration - An active community where your values and purpose are respected and shared.

Employment        Live - Work

Education - Illness Avoidance

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In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently. 

Our belief is in creating sustainable 'New Generation' rural engagement 

and economic business models for landowners.



Everything we do is designed with a PURPOSE, to provide economic PROSPERITY for PERPETUITY.

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