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Research Centre

Built around a research Observatory, our research centre will be the hub of scientific activity at Sky Village BG.


The observatory itself is a large dome of 10m diameter, housing a research-grade instrument that will be used by visitors, students and researchers throughout the year.


Surrounding the observatory, our purpose-built research centre includes a full-fledged 120-seat auditorium with the latest audio-visual technology,

smart lighting and comfortable stadium-style lecture theatre seats.  


A generous presentation area can be laid out for lectures, demonstrations or group work.


Surrounding the auditorium are several large multi-purpose rooms, designed to allow participants to make the most of their conference schedule.  


Each can be configured in ‘boardroom style’ for satellite meetings, as a breakout/syndicate room, or as a temporary office or laboratory.

For more information about researching or conferencing at Sky Village, please contact us.

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