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Detailed Future Plans - Questions

1. What was your schooling like ?

2. Was it like the experience of Winston Churchill ? 

3. Did you have to write down facts and then reproduce when required ?

4. Could the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals be a starting point ?

5. Are you adapting ?

6. Are you a leader in the next generation of learning ?

7. What about parents, Who asks them about their vision for the future ?

8. Should students be at the centre of everything we do ?

9. Do we trust them (students) to be change makers ?

For more information on Learning in the 22nd Century,

please contact us.

David Hollands

David is a visionary and entrepreneur specialising in creating sustainable, purposeful rural communities. He brings vast experience
to Above & Beyond Normal and his previous award-winning developments stand as proof of his ability to turn vision into reality.
ABNL logo Design 4.png
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