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Dark by Design

The Sky Village houses and communal buildings are each designed to our unique ‘dark by design’ standards, ensuring the comfort of the occupants

(and their ability to relax and enjoy their surroundings) whilst preventing stray light from affecting the sky or the views. 


"Dark by Design" is embodied by the following key principles:


1. Interior lighting should be bright enough that inside each building should be well-lit, comfortable and safe.

2. Exterior lighting should only be used where it is required for safety, e.g. to illuminate steps or hazards, and to avoid the need for using torches.

3. Interior lighting should be self-contained, and directed precisely to the areas requiring illumination.

4. Light overspill from interior lighting should never cast light upwards, and should be minimal without requiring use of curtains.

5. All lumineres must use lamps with a maximum colour temperature of 2700K.

6. All lamps must be low-energy, preferably LED, and individually controllable as well as centrally controlled.

7. Where relevant, light fittings must be capable of being switched to a red-light-only mode during 'dark weeks'.



Another world first for Sky Village BG is that it will be the first development designed specifically to meet and exceed the requirements of

the International Dark Sky Association’s “Gold Dark Sky Park” status*.  This coveted designation, which will be formally applied for upon completion of the project,

will set Sky Village apart as having some of the most pristine, and protected dark skies in the world.



* Note: “International Dark-Sky Association”, “IDA” and “Dark Sky Parks” are all trademarks of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA). Sky Village BG is not affiliated with or endorsed

by the IDA in any way. Successful application for Dark Sky Park status once Sky Village is completed is subject to application to IDA, will be judged by their rules alone, and is in no way guaranteed.

For more information on our unique "Dark by Design" standard, please contact us.

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