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Cygnus Observatory House

The Cygnus Observatory houses are located throughout the village on the middle slopes and close to the Visitor Centre and Research building.


Approximately 65 Sq mtrs in floor size, Cygnus sleeps up to 6 people. The houses are designed around an open plan lifestyle, with kitchen, dining and living areas flowing directly onto large South-facing balconies. 


Our second-largest property, Cygnus makes a fantastic base for small families and with its own, integral observatory, places astronomy at the heart of your stay.  Its spacious interior includes generous seating for both relaxing and dining, along with a small kitchenette allowing preparation of snacks and more.


The Sky Village houses are ‘dark by design’, ensuring the comfort of the occupants

(and their ability to relax and enjoy their surroundings) whilst preventing stray light from

affecting the sky or the views.

Cygnus Observatory


The integral observatory of each house, measuring approximately 3.0 x 3.0m, features a large roll-off roof, and is positioned on a thermally isolated mezzanine floor level. (not available on Lyra and Auriga properties).


Internal décor, with an emphasis on natural wood, is designed to create comfort on both hot summer days and cold winter nights. 


En-suite bathrooms to each bedroom complete the luxury Sky Village specification. Our ‘dark by design’ rationale ensures zero upward light leakage, keeping observing areas dark whilst allowing other house occupants to enjoy considerate and plentiful interior lighting.


All observatory houses are built to exacting internal and external standards, guaranteeing both longegvity and efficiency. 


Materials have been carefully chosen too: minimal thermal mass and an airtight building envelope ensure both comfort and the complete absence of heat plumes that would affect observations made from the thermally isolated rooftop observatories.

Number of units available.                                                                      9

Investment starts from                                          211,200 €  -  £147,840

Deposit payment 5%.                                                                10,560 € 

Full deed ownership.                                                                         YES

Individual or Group purchase is available.                                        YES

G’teed Return On Investment                                                          7.5%

Founders discount available to first 6 properties only.                      15%  

Sky Village is a purpose built Amateur Astronomical & Research Village, forming part of the ABNL Earth Communities for Science and Education - Centres of Excellence.  An unique community village created perfectly for study and participation in astronomy at all levels, from research to amateur observation.


For more information about our Cygnus Observatory House, please contact us.

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