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“Dark by Design” is a set of principles that has allowed us to create an development that generates near-zero light pollution, working in harmony with both astronomers and the environment to preserve the pristine conditions in the Stara Planina whilst providing safe and comfortable space in which to live,

socialise and of course observe the stars.


Sky Village will be the first development designed from the outset to IDA Dark Sky Park Gold standards. 


Upon completion of Sky Village, we will apply formally for Dark Sky Park status, a coveted designation for which we would be only the third certified site in Eastern Europe.

For more information on the accommodation available at Sky Village, please contact us.

In everything we do, we believe in thinking differently. 

Our belief is in creating sustainable 'New Generation' rural engagement 

and economic business models for landowners.



Everything we do is designed with a PURPOSE, to provide economic PROSPERITY for PERPETUITY.

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